AMAZE Management

In an ever-changing industry that’s growing and developing at lightning speed, one of the most important factors that determine an artist’s success is their ability to continuously create and maintain a multi-dimensional, full-package image. With music being released at an extremely fast pace, artists sometimes require some of the pressure to be taken off their shoulders… And this is where AMAZE Management steps in!

Holding over one decade of experience in the entertainment industry, AMAZE Management specialises in providing an array of services. Not only serving as a strong and supportive source of guidance for artists, but AMAZE also focusses on PR management, marketing, press, mentoring and creative management. We’re the jack of all trades and bringing creative ideas to life is something that we always aim for – no matter how crazy they may be!

With our foundations built from a strong and devoted team, we proudly represent artists within all electronic music genres and no challenge is too big for us. From the accessibility of mainstream House music, right up to the brutal sounds of Raw Hardstyle – our knowledge and skills are not bound by genres.

Creativity is our middle name. AMAZE Management is an organisation that thrives on continuously exploring innovative ideas, assisting artists build a sturdy brand, creating top-tier merchandise lines and creating bulletproof marketing plans. Our ultimate goal is to see our artists reaching their fullest potential and most importantly, feeling confident and happy!





Transistorstraat 101,
1322 CL Almere
The Netherlands